BURG Jean-Pierre

Curriculum Vitae


Personal data


Born :                                          25 April 1953 in  Meknès (Morocco)

Citizenship:                                  French

Military Service:                          December 1977 - December 1978

                                                    Centre d’Information de l'Arme Blindée (armoured vehicles).



Marital status:                             Married, 2 children (Vanessa and Camille)



Spoken languages :                     French, English, German, Spanish


Academic qualification

Thèse d’État  ès Sciences:           mention Très Honorable et Félicitations du Jury

                                                    USTL Montpellier, May 1983


Thèse de 3ème cycle:                     Géologie Structurale

                                                    mention Très Bien, et Félicitations du Jury

                                                    USTL Montpellier, March 1977


DEA :                                          Géologie Structurale

                                                    mention Très Bien

                                                    USTL Montpellier, June 1975


Maîtrise de Géologie (M.S):        Université des Sciences et Technique du Languedoc, Montpellier, June 1974.


Academic appointments

Professor at the ETH – Zürich:   since September 1993


CNRS researcher in University:  Université de Montpellier II

                                                    October 1979 - October 1983

                                                    October 1986 - August 1993


Researcher Fellow:                      Melbourne University

                                                    November 1983 - March 1986


Assistant Délégué (Reader):       Pétrologie Structurale; Université de Montpellier II

                                                    August 1976, December 1976


Training and formation

Didactic Wokshop:                     ETH Zürich : August 1996


CNRS Permanent Formation:     MS/DOS and Windows. November 1989


Grant from the British Council: Graduate student at Imperial College (London)

                                                    October 1975 - July 1976


Uranium prospection:                  SNEAP: July-September 1975



Award 1986 of the Australian Society of Educational Technology.


Prix Henri Becquerel of the Académie des Sciences de Paris, awarded on the 26 November 1990.


Doctor Honoris Causa with the Blue-ribbon medal of the Sofia University, elected by the Klement Ochridski University Council on May, 22nd, 1995.


Fellow of the Pakistan Academy of Geological Sciences, since 3 November 1998.


Fellowship of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, awarded in 1999.


Gibson Distinguished Visiting professorship – University of Minnesotta (1-01 – 31-03- 2001).


Prix Viquesnel 2001 awarded by the Société géologique de France.


Gledden Visiting Senior Fellowship – University of Western Australia (1-05 – 31-07- 2012).